Friday, October 18, 2013

Project #6

Halloween treats for the Kids' Teachers--Mummies with goodies.  10/13/2013

Materials and what to do:  A can of any size (prime & paint with white acrylic paint), gauze (wrap around can), brown ink (to give gauze an aged look), and 2 big goggly eyes (glue onto gauzed can).  Embellish can with tags and such.  Fill mummy can with treats.

Project #5

Gift Baskets to Donate to Good Causes.  All the contents of these gift baskets are new items I have stored for gifts and such.  Also, all the materials to wrap these goodies were all in hand.  De-cluttering is fun, especially when it goes to a good cause.  10/13/2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Projects #1-4 Completed

My friend and I decided to start finishing and following through with our projects and to post those completed projects.  Here are the first four projects I have finished.

Project #1:  Washi tape and dry emboss card. 9/9/13

Project #2:  Boy Boy's Halloween treats for his classmates. My friend got the pre-made cards for this simple project from the dollar store.  9/22/13

Project #3:  Organizing Boy Boy's Legos.  9/29/13 

Project #4:  Girl Girl's Halloween treats for her classmates.  Materials used for the project are gauze, goggly eyes, and brown ink.   To start cut the gauze .5"-1", wrap gauze from top to bottom of boxed treat, daub brown ink to create the aged look of the mummy, and then glue the goggly eyes.  10/5/13